> Discover the major masterpieces in the world’s greatest museum during a friendly family visit

> Give your kids an opportunity to learn about art and art history in an entertaining way

> Have fun participating with your kids in solving a museum quiz

Tour description

Many parents would love to bring their children to the Louvre, but are not sure that they would appreciate it. Sometimes museums tours seem too boring and art history is probably not the most passionate subject for children. However, this museum tour will be an entertaining adventure full of quizzes to be solved. Both children and adults can participate in this game while discovering some of the greatest masterpieces in the Louvre: Ancient Greek and Roman art, Ancient Egyptian civilization, paintings by French artists of the XIX century, the Italian Renaissance and, of course, the famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. As a result, during this tour, both children and their parents will have fun. Believe it or not, adults are often just as passionate about the game as their children.


Excellent Louvre Tour

5 5 1
For large museums we have found it’s best to get a tour guide that focuses on the kids. Oxana did not disappoint! She guided us through the museum like she was telling a story and had a few “quizzes” to solve. We saw terrific highlights of the museum and the kids really enjoyed it. Highly recommend!

Wealth of knowledge

5 5 1
We had a great 2 hour tour of the Louvre. I learned a lot as did my partner and children. The youngest child(10) wasn’t thrilled but it maintained her attention and she learned a bit about art. I wanted my kids to have a learning experience rather than a ‘look and see’ and that’s exactly what we got!

Great experience in Louvre with Oxana - despite high season frenzy

5 5 1
We visited the Louvre on one of the busiest days of the year, a Monday (when other museums are closed) in mid August, but Oxana managed to keep the attention of our 10 and 12 (English speaking) year old for a 2 hour+ tour in the very hot museum. Her quiz questions for the kids were fun for us adults too. Oxana is very easy going and having someone like her guiding you through the Louvre allowed our family to focus on the wealth the Louvre has to offer. Highly recommended!

Way Better Than I Expected

5 5 1
Six kids, ages 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, were kept engaged for two hours in a museum. Do I need to say anymore - they actually had an incredible time and learned more than I know about the art in the museum. We found each other immediately and I have zero complaints. Perfect. Thanks so much!

Great private tour

5 5 1
We had Oxana for a 4 hour tour which included the Louvre and Norte Dame with 2 adults and 2 x 14yo. Well worth the money. We wish we had another day in Paris to get Oxana to take us to other sights! The tour of the Louvre was exceptional, to have an art expert to help us understand the significance of the paintings and sculptures was fantastic. Both the adults and the kids would have been bored very early and not been able to appreciate the splendor of each piece. Do yourself a favor and get a private tour - you definitely will not regret it!

Private tour of Louvre

5 5 1
We did a private tour of the Louvre with Oxana last week in Paris. It was fantastic. She was early to meet us, spent longer with us than planned, and made everything easy - for getting tickets to cloaking our bags and getting us on our way. We did the tour with our two sons, aged 12 and 14 - fair to say museums are not their thing! But, Oxana engaged directly with them and made the visit all about them. Absolutely worth it, just to see the smiles on their faces and hear their stories afterwards. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend to others travelling with children. FAntasitc. thanks Oxana.

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