> Discover the major masterpieces in the world’s greatest museum during a friendly family visit

> Give your kids an opportunity to learn about art and art history in an entertaining way

> Have fun participating with your kids in solving a museum quiz

Tour description

Many parents would love to bring their children to the Louvre, but are not sure that they would appreciate it. Sometimes museums tours seem too boring and art history is probably not the most passionate subject for children. However, this museum tour will be an entertaining adventure full of quizzes to be solved. Both children and adults can participate in this game while discovering some of the greatest masterpieces in the Louvre: Ancient Greek and Roman art, Ancient Egyptian civilization, paintings by French artists of the XIX century, the Italian Renaissance and, of course, the famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. As a result, during this tour, both children and their parents will have fun. Believe it or not, adults are often just as passionate about the game as their children.

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